30 years of EUROCITIES

This year EUROCITIES celebrates its 30th anniversary. Our network was founded in 1986 by six cities: Barcelona, Birmingham, Frankfurt, Lyon, Milan and Rotterdam. Today, we bring together local governments of 139 of Europe’s largest cities and 40 partner cities that between them govern over 130 million citizens across 39 countries.
We provide a platform for sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas on common urban challenges. Since 2014, we have been working on five focus areas that closely align with the EU’s strategic priorities. They cover many of the issues that cities face on a daily basis, from air pollution and waste management to creating quality jobs and managing social cohesion.
It is fitting that EUROCITIES celebrates such an important anniversary in a year that cities are gaining more and more recognition on the European stage. On 30 May, the Dutch EU presidency launched the ‘Pact of Amsterdam’ establishing an urban agenda for the EU: a new framework with the aim of better involving cities in EU policy development and implementation. Meanwhile, European cities have been demonstrating their leadership in the face of a number of European challenges, including the refugee situation and the employment crisis. And as the European project faces increasing scrutiny, European cities are upholding many of its founding values. It is becoming increasingly clear that cities are instrumental in building a stronger Europe that is closer to its citizens.
We celebrate our 30th anniversary this year in Milan, one of the EUROCITIES founding members. We will launch a publication on ‘Views on the urban future’, with contributions from young professionals across Europe. This is an opportunity not only to look back on our successes, but to consider what the future will bring.

"Whatever our political convictions, we all benefit from the specific solutions we can share in EUROCITIES." Johanna Rolland, mayor of Nantes, president of EUROCITIES 2014-2016

“EUROCITIES: a forward-thinking association which continues, now more than ever, to set ambitious goals, reach new audiences and develop innovative ideas.” - Frank Jensen, mayor of Copenhagen, president of EUROCITIES 2012-2014

EUROCITIES gives me the opportunity to exchange experience with fellow colleagues, to reflect upon my work and to see it in a broader context. It is also encouraging and inspiring to see other cities come up with practical solutions to shared challenges. The cooperation of cities can play a vital part in helping Europe grow closer together– Thomas Fabian, vice mayor of Leipzig

“Since its inception 30 years ago, EUROCITIES has gained increasing recognition for the important role of cities. Cities are the driving force behind a prosperous and competitive Europe.” - Ahmed Aboutaleb, mayor of Rotterdam