Tortona’s Creativity District reveals the transformation of a large industrial site. These former factories are now used as hubs for the world of creativity, where important companies and institutions related to fashion, culture and design are based. The district has preserved its traditional character, but at the same time becoming one of the most vibrant and dynamic areas of the city.
The visit will start from the sharing hub BASE Milano and will continue through Armani Silos, MUDEC – Museum of Cultures and Ferré Foundation, which are all examples of creative renovation of former industrial buildings.

Sharing hub: BASE Milano
BASE is a new project for culture and creativity. It aims to renew the relationship between culture and business, the future and modern day life, between democracy, wellbeing and knowledge economy, and social innovation and development. BASE is a place for events, work, study, research, experimentation, incubation, education and production. This 6.000 sq. building hosts co-working spaces, workshops and exhibitions areas, laboratories, a new hotel-residence ‘casabase’, a cafeteria, a lounge and has a rich programme of initiatives and events.

Maximum capacity of the tour: 20 people

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