Darsena and Navigli

The history of Milan is closely connected with the Navigli canals, artificial and navigable waterways that date back to the 15th century and were designed by Leonardo Da Vinci.
Today, Cohub Milano is located in this historical and artisanal area, which is also one of the epicentres of Milan’s nightlife. The visit will include a presentation on Darsena, the former harbour of the city, which was recently renovated and is now a symbol of urban redevelopment.

Sharing hub: Cohub Milano
Cohub was the first ‘house’ of the collaborative economy in Europe and is a space that merges the need for aggregation, discussion and planning for new paths towards a shared economy. This grassroots project emerged thanks to a collaboration between the department of labour policy, the department of economic development, the University of Milan, the city council, and various local associations (, Welcome pack and Fidia srl), active in the field of the sharing economy. The main objective of the Cohub is accepting, accelerating, analysing, monitoring, and stimulating the initiatives of the sharing economy, while trying to implement them in a national and international context.

Maximum capacity of the tour: 30 people

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