Quarto Oggiaro

Quarto Oggiaro is a neighbourhood located in the north-west of Milan, which has considerable migration flows and a high percentage of elderly residents and unemployed young people. It is currently looking for new ways to foster mutual support in the community. Despite these difficulties, it is becoming a centre for social innovative initiatives. ‘Synergy’ and ‘reciprocity’ are the key words that guide all these projects. Various stakeholders are involved in this regeneration process (schools, the Polytechnic of Milan University, the business sector, associations and volunteers), which entails a large degree of replicability. The visit will take off from the sharing hub FabriQ and will continue through Villa Scheibler, a beautiful villa built in the 18th century, currently owned by the city of Milan; it has been renovated thanks to an EU funded urban programme. It hosts the House of Associations and Spazio Baluardo, a space for cultural events. The tour will end at Spazio Agorà, a multifunctional space for new forms of welfare.

Sharing hub: FabriQ
FabriQ is an incubator for social innovation. It supports new and future entrepreneurs to realise their ideas and launch their startups. Its projects have a relevant impact on the Italian social innovation arena and the local community. FabriQ’s mission is to support innovation that has positive repercussions in the social, environmental, and cultural fields.

Maximum capacity of the tour: 50 people

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