Bovisa is a former industrial area located on the outskirts north of the city. Since the 1950s - when most factories were closed down - it has undergone a complete transformation. Remnants of the 19th century factory buildings and industrial structures are still a distinctive feature of the district: landmarks of the Bovisa include the large abandoned gas holders, which dot the skyline. The district is experiencing growth and it is now home to several activities, such as the Bovisa campus of Polytechnic of Milan University. The schools of design, architecture and industrial engineering are located here. As a consequence, the area has also become a design and art ‘melting pot’. In 2006, the new headquarters of the Triennale Design and Art museum were established in this area. The visit will start from the sharing hub PoliHub Startup District & Incubator, and will continue through the Bovisa Campus and POLIFACTORY, the brand new makerspace of Polytechnic of Milan.

Sharing hub: PoliHub Startup District & Incubator
PoliHub, Startup District & Incubator is the business incubator of the Polytechnic of Milan managed by Fondazione Politecnico with the support of the municipality. PoliHub is a modern space for enterprise creation, co-working and co-location services; it also provides tailor-made entrepreneurship empowerment programmes, a unique business network, dedicated spaces and a set of innovative value-added services.

Maximum capacity of the tour: 60 people

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