Naviglio Martesana

The Naviglio Martesana area is the heart of Milan’s sharing economy. The space is representative of the cooperative attitude of the Milanese citizens, who made great efforts to promote the reopening of this historical canal. Beyond the traditional landscape, participants will explore two key sharing hubs: WeMake and Login. WeMake combines the elements of manufacturing equipment, community, and education to enable community members to design, prototype and create manufactured works. Login provides professionals and small businesses with work stations and shared services, events and business opportunities; allowing them to support each other and share knowledge.

Sharing hub: WeMake and Login
WeMake, a member of the International FabLabs Network affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is a start-up that provides a series of innovative services and training to the creative community in the field of digital and traditional manufacturing, technology, and access to a fully equipped FabLab. Thanks to open source technologies applied to 3D items, WeMake fosters the development of a new model of designer-producer and small-scale companies by facilitating their access to 3D printing tools.
Login is a co-working space that counts on its cooperation with Enter, a Milanese internet service provider. The partnership with Enter guarantees cloud and network services through a broad infrastructure that connects Milan, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London and Paris. With 150 work stations, Login represents the biggest technological co-working space in Milan.

Maximum capacity of the tour: 25 people

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