Porta Romana District

The neighbourhood of Porta Romana Vettabbia is the demonstration area of the EU-funded project ‘Sharing Cities’ financed by Horizons 2020. The strategic goals of the project are to create common solutions to improve mobility, housing, energy, and economic development in order to make cities smarter, more environment-friendly and resilient. Porta Romana Vettabbia connects the historical centre of the city to its agricultural belt, by stitching together the urban and the rural areas through the Vettabbia canal. This district is currently undergoing a major renewal process. Its brownfield and former railway yard (216,000 sq.) are being turned into a functional mix of private and social housing, multi-modal transport integration and a 74,000 square meter park. In Milan, the project focuses on a range of core objectives: citizen engagement, retrofitting building, sustainable energy management services, shared eMobility, smart lamp posts, and an urban sharing platform. The tour will include a presentation of the sharing hub Smart City Lab, a visit of Cascina Cuccagna, a public farmhouse, which is an exemplary urban regeneration project, together with the Prada Foundation, Symbiosis District, the Nosedo Wastewater treatment plant and Chiaravalle site, all examples of stakeholder involvement in local regeneration projects.

Sharing hub: Smart City Lab
Smart City Lab is a joint project of the municipality of Milan and the Ministry for economic development that aims to construct a new building where the Lab will be hosted. The hub will be a business incubator for start-ups and smart initiatives related to the ‘Milan Smart City’ project. In particular, the Smart City Lab wants to foster entrepreneurship and innovation by creating a symbolic centre for the dissemination of new urban trends and state-of-the-art technological and social solutions to improve the lives of citizens.

Maximum capacity of the tour: 60 people

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